AmPak Chem Services

We understand that each customer holds a unique set of requirements. At Ampak, we are committed to serving each customer equally. Therefore, we provide a full range of packaging sizes and blending services to satisfy every customer’s needs. These include:

  • Small Packaging sizes in 1-gallon bottles and 5-gallon pails
  • Large packaging sizes in pallets, drums, IBC’s, and bulk
  • Direct Truckloads
  • Private Labeling
  • Custom Blending
  • Specialty Formulations
  • Delivery

On-Time Delivery
Our Private Fleet is able to deliver next-day and most same-day orders in the Greater Los Angeles Area, providing our customers with the assurance of fast, reliable service. Additionally, we partner with dependable third-party carriers so that our customers outside of the Los Angeles area receive the same quality assurance and satisfaction.

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