AmPak Chem Biochemist

Who Are We
Founded in 2001, Ampak is a leading chemical distributor of industrial and specialty chemicals. We connect customers with premier global manufacturers & distributors by purchasing large quantities of chemicals and distributing them in smaller quantities.

Ampak is more than just a chemical distributor; we are a partner to our customers and suppliers. As a family-run business, we believe that true collaboration occurs when relationships are based on trust.

Our role goes beyond simply supplying products and logistics. As a full-service provider, we work with our customers, providing custom solutions & knowledge to help them increase profitability and grow their business. These solutions include: custom blending, repackaging, private labeling, and delivery.

AmPak Chem Biochemists

Why Ampak
We are relationship driven. We value relationships above making a sale. Our attention to our relationships has earned us trust and lifelong relationships with customers and suppliers.

We are a source of knowledge. We provide our customers with the most up-to-date market insight and product expertise, so that they can increase their profitability & grow their business.

We are dependable. We focus on providing customers with quick responsive service, simple product access, and optimized logistics.

Ampak sources raw materials and specialty chemicals from well-known manufacturers and distributors in the chemical market. We do our due diligence in selecting the right suppliers to partner and collaborate with, creating strong long-term relationships along the way.

Our priority is to protect our customers interests. We achieve this by partnering with multiple suppliers in the market to ensure that our customers are protected from supply interruptions and receive fair market pricing.

We believe a quality product delivers consistent and reliable results. In order to preserve that quality, we only source our products from our trusted suppliers. This ensures that our customers are well taken care of, and experience familiar and optimal product performance.

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